Pending Purchase Orders for Subawards in KFS

Dear Colleagues:

Pending Requisitions (REQS) for Subawards

With collaboration between Purchasing and Sponsored Projects Administration, most active Purchase Orders for subawards were converted from PAL to KFS prior to the KFS launch on July 7th. SPA has finalized the Purchase Orders that were converted prior to the KFS launch AND had subrecipients that were onboarded as vendors.

Due to the volume of active Purchase Orders for subawards, the team from Purchasing completed the conversion of 100 or so REQS after the KFS launch. In order for SPA to finalize the Purchase Orders from those REQS, they must be submitted into workflow in PURAP. Over the next couple of days, Purchasing will release the saved REQS into workflow. Each REQS must be approved by, at minimum, the account/fund’s Fiscal Officer. If your department assigned any additional roles, such as Content Reviewer or Accounting Line Reviewer, they also must approve accordingly. Please check the Route Log to ensure approvals happen in a timely manner in order to avoid possible delays in payment to the subrecipient. Once all financial approvals are secured, KFS will route an unapproved Purchase Order to Sponsored Projects for finalization.

Vendor Onboarding

For REQS created by departments after the KFS launch date, a vendor ID is *required* prior to submitting into workflow. REQS were able to be routed to SPA without a vendor ID only for Purchase Orders  converted prior to KFS launch. Sponsored Projects cannot finalize the pending Purchase Orders without a vendor ID. In order to avoid possible delays in payment, it is recommended that you log into KFS and verify that your unapproved Purchase Order(s) for Subawards includes a valid vendor ID and if not, begin the vendor onboarding process. The Vendor Onboarding User Manual is attached for your reference.

In addition, SPA’s Contract and Grant Analysts, Vi Chang and Adriana Ascencio, will be in contact shortly with those departments whose REQS remain pending finalization because the subrecipients have not been onboarded. Upon receipt of that communication, departmental representatives should work with the KFS team to initiate the onboarding of those subrecipients. Finally, once the vendor has successfully been onboarded in KFS, a notification should be sent to Vi and Adriana in order for them to continue finalizing the Purchase Order.

For questions regarding the processing of REQS and POs for Subawards in the PURAP module in KFS, please send email to  

doc icon Vendor-User-Manual-for-KVO.DOCX

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