Phase 4 Research Transitioning Starts on June 22, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

On June 22, 2021, UCI will begin its gradual transition to Phase 4 research.  This is the final phase in reopening the UCI research enterprise.

In summary, Phase 4 research permits all research activities, as well as all types of invited guests and visitors.  This last phase aligns safety and mitigation requirements with UCI Executive Directives, California Department of Public Health guidance, and the recently-revised Cal/OSHA emergency temporary standard.  Phase 4 also, however, allows Plan Owners to retain or implement more restrictive safety protocols and protective measures, which is especially important for human subjects research.

To promote and facilitate transitioning to Phase 4, I am issuing this message while the Office of Research simultaneously updates its Research Continuity website.  Tomorrow, Plan Owners and Authorized Officials will find a full description of Phase 4 research on the UCI Research Phases During the Pandemic webpage.  They should use that information as they transition research programs to Phase 4.    

As we move closer to completing our research reopening, I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire research community for playing a critically important role throughout the pandemic.  From essential research on understanding the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how to detect and protect against it, to understanding COVID-19 disease and how to treat it, to studying and illuminating the pandemic’s social, physical, mental, economical, and political impacts, the UCI community’s commitment to conducting research for the betterment of society has never been more readily apparent.

I deeply appreciate of all your efforts, and I am humbled by your continuous commitment to health and safety in the research workplace. It has resulted in an excellent record in terms of eliminating virus transmission in our research spaces and activities. I am confident that all of you will remain steadfast in this commitment to health and safety as we gradually transition to Phase 4 research.


Pramod Khargonekar, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research
Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

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