NIH/AHRQ Guide Notice Update

Dear Colleagues:

Below is a summary of a recent NIH Guide notice. Please review the notice and forward it to faculty, researchers and staff, as appropriate. Questions regarding these notices should be directed to your Contract and Grant Officer.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Beginning with applications submitted on or after the September 25, 2021 due date and beyond, there is a two-week window of consideration of late submission of grant applications to AHRQ (see details below). If the application due dates fall on a weekend orFederal holiday, the application receipt date is extended to the next business day. The window of late submission will be considered from that business day.

AHRQ will accept the late submission of only R01, R18, and R21/R33 phased innovation award applications in response to standard submission dates (but not special receipt dates) up to two weeks after the standard receipt deadlines ( These applications will be processed and assigned to AHRQ Initial Review Groups using the standard AHRQ referral guidelines and process. Please review the full guide notice for addtional information regarding this update.

Nancy Lewis
Executive Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
Office of Research
University of California, Irvine
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