Update! Exempt Registration Self Determination


Update!  Exempt Registration Self Determination

In an effort to facilitate research and focus on IRB applications that require UCI IRB review, effective July 8, 2019, Human Research Protections (HRP) staff will no longer provide a “sign off” of the Exempt Self-Determination Tool,verifying that the study meets the selected exempt category.

For additional documentation to support the Exempt Self-Determination process at UCI, sponsors may be provided this letter.  Should your sponsor require that the exempt determination be confirmed by the IRB, please contact HRP staff at .  We ask that you please be prepared to provide supporting documentation of the sponsor’s requirement.

A Few Reminders for Use of the Exempt Self-Determination Tool:

  • Further, the Lead Researcher (and Faculty Sponsor if applicable) must confirm that all members of their research team have completed the required educational tutorials.

  • A complete list of responsibilities is included in the Exempt Self-Determination Tool.

  • Feel free to utilize the UCI Consent, Study Information Sheet, and Recruitment Templates on our Applications and Forms webpage under the section titled, ‘Human Research Protections’.
    • Remember to edit the forms to include your contact information on page 1 so subjects know whom to contact for questions!

If your research is not eligible for exempt self-determination, please submit a New IRB Application for exempt or expedited / full committee review. For more information, please review: How To Submit Electronic IRB Applications for Review

Thank you!



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