NIH Fellowship Form Correction *Additional information 6/15/16*

Dear Colleagues,

To follow onto Monday’s notice regarding the NIH Fellowship Form Correction, please note that the NIH Office of Extramural Research has released additional guidance for Fellowship applicants in

“If you use downloadable forms or Workspace to prepare your application, be aware that the “View Attachment” button associated with the 23. Resource Sharing Plan attachment on the PHS Fellowship Supplemental form displays the 22. Select Agent Research attachment instead of the expected one. This is simply an issue with the form interface. It does not impact how the attachments are sent to NIH or how we assemble your application image in eRA Commons.

We are working with to address the issue. In the meantime , do not rely on the “View Attachment” feature for the Resource Sharing Plan. Instead, carefully check your attachments prior to uploading them and again when viewing your application image in eRA Commons.

This issue only impacts the PDF version of the form. If you use ASSIST or a system-to-system solution to prepare your application, then you are not impacted.

If you have any questions, please contact Grants Information at”


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