KC Scheduled Downtime Tonight (6/22)

Dear Kuali Coeus Community,

KC will be unavailable tonight 6/22/2016 from 8:00PM-8:30PM for routine maintenance and deployment of enhancements. Please read below for features of interest.

Kuali Coeus Conflict of Interest (KC COI)

As a part of our continuing efforts to reduce administrative burden for UCI’s researchers and their support staff, the Office of Research is implementing a new online system to collect financial disclosures from UCI’s Public Health Service (PHS) and National Science Foundation (NSF) Investigators. This new annual disclosure process replaces the old transaction-based process and is effective tomorrow, 6/23/16. See attached email as a reference.

·Administrative Staff: To access implementation resources, transition period information, QuickStart Guides, and training videos for the new Annual COI Disclosure process, please visit the Annual COI Disclosure Implementation web page.

·PHS and NSF Investigators: To complete your Annual Disclosure beginning June 23rd, please follow the instructions in the short Investigator QuickStart Guide.

·New KC COI links accessible in Zot!Portal under ‘Research’ section.

Proposal Development

·Correction to routing rules when Miscellaneous sponsor code 009850 is used

·New COI-related automated notifications

oProposal stage (PHS/NSF*)

§Sent to all Investigators named on Personnel Tab when Initiator submits KC proposal document to workflow

·Request to complete Annual Disclosure, or

·Reminder to update Annual Disclosure if necessary, and

·If sponsor is NSF and Annual Disclosure status is positive, request to complete NSF Disclosure.

oAward stage (PHS Continuation)

§Request to update Personnel on Continuing Award sent to PI and designated PI Assistant, and

§Request to review, edit, update Personnel List sent to PI when delegated PI Assistant submits Personnel List.

oClearance confirmations and requests to review disclosure sent to COI and SPA.

oAnnual reminders to update sent to Investigators who have not updated or submitted Annual Disclosure in more than 11 months.

·Personnel Tab

oNew “Investigator” Proposal Role

§For projects sponsored by PHS/NSF*, include all other Investigators, if not already added as PI, Co-I or Key Person.

§An “Investigator” is defined as any individual, regardless of title or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of the proposed or funded research project.

oNew “Request Annual Disclosure” Button

§Initiator can click “Request Annual Disclosure” button from the Personnel panel in PD to generate COI email to all listed Investigators before submitting to workflow.

·Abstracts And Attachments Tab

oRemoval of Internal Attachment Types for old financial disclosure forms:

§“PHS Financial Disclosure Form 800”

§“NSF Financial Disclosure Form 900”

§Forms 800/900 that are uploaded prior to June 23rd will remain.

oPlease visit the Annual COI Disclosure Implementation web pagefor information on the Transition Period (PHS/NSF* proposals created before June 23rd that will be completed after June 23rd)

·Questions Tab

oTwo new COI Questions regarding subrecipients and non-UCI Investigators

§Please visit the Annual COI Disclosure Implementation web page for information on the Transition Period as it pertains to updating COI Questions.

§Texts of the questions read: “Are there any subrecipients complying with UCI’s PHS or NSF conflict of interest policies?” and “For projects sponsored by PHS or NSF or an organization adopting PHS or NSF policies, are there any non-UCI Investigators on this project?”

·Proposal Actions Tab

oNew COI Validation Errors/Warnings (PHS/NSF*)

§Validation Warnings/Errors for incomplete disclosures in Key Personnel Information. This validation is only a warning when the proposal is submitted to workflow by Initiator, but will become an error when the document reaches SPA, which needs to be resolved before the proposal can be submitted to the sponsor.

§Text reads: “One or more of the COI disclosures are incomplete.”

*PHS/NSF in this context means PHS, NSF, flow-through funding from PHS or NSF, and organizations adopting PHS or NSF regulations.


·New KSAMS role, PI Assistant, to access the Personnel Doc.

oAdministrative staff can request this role to help their PIs complete the PHS Personnel Doc for continuing PHS awards.

oThe new PI Assistant role is set up in KSAMS. See PI Assistant QuickStart Guide for instructions.

§After PI Assistant requests role, PI will need to provide approval in KSAMS. See Principal Investigator QuickStart Guide (page 3) for instructions.

§DSA approval is not required.

oStaff who assist multiple PIs and/or assist PIs who submit proposals through multiple departments can submit multiple KSAMS requests, one for each PI for each department.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the new KC COI system, the new COI process, this scheduled downtime, or anything else in the contents of this email. Thank you.


Alison Yeung, CRA

Business Analyst

Electronic Research Administration

UCI Office of Research

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