In case you missed the Zotmail sent out on Monday evening, please read below regarding KC COI implementation and remaining pre-launch training sessions.

Greg Ruth
Office of Research


Countdown to KC COI: 8 Days Until the June 23rd Implementation

There’s still time to learn about Kuali Coeus Conflict of Interest (KC COI) before it’s implemented on June 23rd. Check out this short overview video…


If you want to learn more about KC COI, sign up for KC COI Office Hours at (be sure to search for “KC COI”). These are the last training opportunities before the KC COI implementation. Sessions are held from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

  • June 15 (Wednesday)

  • June 21 (Tuesday)
  • June 29 (Wednesday)

PHS and NSF Investigators: To complete your Annual Disclosure beginning June 23rd, please follow the instructions in the short Investigator QuickStart Guide available at:

Administrative Staff: To learn more about the new Annual COI Disclosure process and KC COI Office Hours, please visit


Bruce Morgan
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration