Technical Warning: Please do not use the NSF’s fillable PDF to report C&P on NASA applications

Dear Colleagues,


During the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) meeting, the NSF & NIH presentations about CVs and digitally persistent identifiers reminded the NASA Science group (who was also attending the meeting) of a related problem when it comes to the Current & Pending Support page that is included on NASA proposal submissions.  


The concern was regarding the use of NSF’s fillable PDF to report Current and Pending (C&P) when submitting applications to the NASA. Some users may use this fillable PDF since it is convenient and easy to use to get Current & Pending information in an acceptable format.


However, the guidance is to NOT use NSF’s fillable PDF to report C&P when submitting applications to NASA. The reason is that when the NSF form (OMB-3145-0058, effective 01/30/2023) is merged into an application being submitted to NASA via NSpires, the form cannot be locked and will revert to an editable format when it is under NASA review. To prevent accidental changes to the NASA submission, please do not use the NSF’s form.


Please let the ERA Team know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

The ERA Team


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