KR Attachments Issue – Workaround

Dear Colleagues,

An issue in KR was recently reported in which for certain KR documents, the attachments included on the Attachments section could not be accessed – you would get an error when trying to view or download the attachments.

The cause of the issue has been found. When you copy a proposal document, you are presented with the option to copy over the attachments. If you choose not to copy over the attachments – meaning you do not check the box, the system would then ‘delete’ the attachments from the original proposal document:


Our IT group is working hard to find a solution to this issue.

In the meantime, to prevent attachments in the old proposal from being deleted, when copying a proposal – always select to Include the Attachments. Then, once copied to the new proposal document, you can delete the attachments by clicking on the trash can icon:


We will notify you once a fix for this has been deployed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ERA Team at


Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

UCI Office of Research



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