KC Tips: Hints & Tricks for Success in Kuali Coeus

Dear Kuali Coeus Users,

With the start of the new year, the eRA Team would like to introduce a new monthly email called “KC Tips: Hints & Tricks for Success in Kuali Coeus.” We hope that these will help you in your daily work – making proposal preparation in KC more streamlined.

Coming back to work after the nice long holiday surely makes for some processes in KC fuzzy. Here are a couple tips & reminders to get you going again:


Tip #1 – Remember to Use to “Close” Button

Finished working in a KC proposal document for the moment? Don’t just click the “X” in the upper right corner of your internet browser!

Always remember to use the “Close” button on the bottom of the page in KC – this will close the actual document in the KC system. Otherwise, if you just close out of your browser, the KC document you were working on technically stays “open” on the back end and can create problems when you try to access the proposal document again at a later time.


Tip #2 – Action List

Do you find it difficult to remember what you were working on prior to a holiday break, a nice relaxing weekend, or even what you did yesterday? The Action List is always a great place to start off your day to check to see if you have any pending items that are awaiting your action. You should also remind the approvers in your workflow (for example: PIs, Chairs and Deans) to regularly check their Action List for pending items. Although the system automatically sends an email to the approver with a link to the KC proposal document, many times these emails are either misplaced or lost. Approvers don’t need to search for the system generated email every time – they can access proposal documents directly from their Action List.

Please keep in mind of the importance of keeping your Action List clear. For proposals that have been returned for revisions – they need to be corrected and submitted back to SPA so that the data can be finalized in the system. Finalized proposal data is transferred into data warehouse where it is counted in campus reports submitted to UCOP. This is also important for those that keep track internally and report on the number of proposals submitted for their own department.

To access your Action List, access KC as you normally would by logging into ZotPortal, clicking Faculty & Staff, then navigating to the Research Tab:


Once you’re on the Research Tab, you will find the link to your Action List under “Kuali Coeus Tools.” The Action List will show any pending items still waiting for you to take action on.


We hope these reminders will be useful to you as you continue to work in KC on a daily basis. Do you have an idea or suggestion for improving KC? Please send us a message at kc-feedback@uci.edu. We are always looking for ways to make KC better.

If you come across a problem while working in KC, please use the KC Support link to submit a help ticket for assistance.

Thank you!
Jonathan K. Lew, MPA
eRA Officer
Sponsored Projects Administration

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