PLEASE NOTIFY OF INTENT TO SUBMIT: NIH Hubs of Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Global Environmental and Occupational Health

NIH is inviting application for research training activities in linked Hubs of Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Global Environmental and Occupational Health (GEOHealth). The overall objective of the GEOHealth program is to support the development of institutions in the Low- or Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) that will serve as regional hubs for collaborative research, data management, training, curriculum and outreach material development and policy support around high priority local, national, and regional environmental and occupational health threats. Hubs are supported by two coordinated linked awards to 1) a LMIC institution for research and 2) a U.S. institution to coordinate research training. Together all regional hubs supported will form the GEOHealth Network, a platform for coordinated environmental and occupational health research and research training activities. More…

Important: An application submitted in response to this FOA for research training must be harmonized with a linked application for a related research project under RFA-TW-14-001.

This FOA is intended to support research and research training that can only be conducted primarily in and/or by scientists at LMIC institutions.

The campus may submit only one proposal, but we do not anticipate that an internal competition will be needed.   In order to verify this, however, interested applicants must send an Expression of Intent to the Office of Research by Friday, September 5th.  This Expression of Intent may consist of an email from the PI(s) with a 1-paragraph overview of the proposed program and its participants, and should be sent to

A campus internal competition will only be held if multiple parties express interest. The deadline for full proposals is November 19, 2014 (LOI due October 19th, but is not required).

For more information about the GEOHealth program, including application materials, please see   Questions about our internal campus review process may be directed to Greg Ruth at or x4-0372.

John C. Hemminger
Vice Chancellor for Research

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