CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics

The Greenwall Foundation is inviting applications for the Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics, which aims to nurture the next generation of leading bioethics researchers at a crucial stage in their academic careers, when they have started a tenure-track faculty appointment, need protected time to establish a long-term, sustainable research program, and would benefit from mentoring from senior bioethics scholars and joining a community of other bioethics researchers.

The proposed project should address an important bioethics issue in an innovative way, and should show how the project will make a significant advance beyond what has already been published on the topic.  The applicant should demonstrate that he/she is thinking about the topic’s conceptual and normative ethical issues in a rigorous and creative way.

The foundation does not support the following types of bioethics-related activities:

  • Bioethics teaching, institutional change, or quality improvement on bioethical issues. However, the foundation expects that Faculty Scholars, and the students they teach, will do such activities during their careers.
  • Theoretical ethics research with no clear application to pressing, real-world problems in patient care, biomedical research, or public policy.
  • Survey research or quality research that touches on a bioethics issue unless there is a strong a conceptual analysis of the bioethics issue or thoughtful analysis of the bioethics implications of the empirical findings. However, the foundation is interested in bioethics researchers who want to work on conceptual or normative analysis linked to their empirical findings.
  • Basic science research that has implications for a bioethics issue.
  • Bioethics work directed toward predetermined conclusions.

The award supports 50% of a Scholar’s salary plus benefits for three years, up to the NIH cap, with 10% institutional costs for the salary and benefits. In addition, it will provide $5,000 each year for limited project support and travel (no indirect costs are provided for these items).

Applicants must be junior faculty members holding at least a 60% appointment in a tenure series at a U.S. university or nonprofit research institute. Priority will be given to applicants who have not yet been considered for tenure or received a comparable career development award, and whose work will have an impact on public policy, biomedical research, or clinical practice.

The campus may submit no more than two applications. Therefore, interested applicants are asked to submit a preliminary application to my office by September 22, 2014 (electronic submission to is preferred), with the following information:

  • Brief proposal (up to three pages), consistent with the LOI requirements for this program, including:
    • A description of the research proposal, particularly its significance
    • How the research will be carried out and how it is likely to have an impact on public policy or clinical practice
    • A personal statement describing the applicant’s goals in the field of bioethics
  • Candidate’s CV or bio-sketch (no more than two pages),

If necessary, an ad hoc committee will convene to review the preliminary proposals. The selected PIs will be notified in ample time to meet Greenwall’s letter of intent deadline of November 3, 2014. Full proposals will be by invitation.

The complete guidelines are available at Questions about our internal campus review process may be directed to Greg Ruth at or x4-0372.

John C. Hemminger
Vice Chancellor for Research

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