New Office of Research website and impact on ERA systems

***Apologies on duplicate messages; this was sent to multiple listservs.***

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of Research has undergone a “soft-launch” of its new website: We recommend updating your bookmarks and looking around to become familiar with the new layout. A formal, more campus-wide announcement will be sent in the New Year once we iron out any hiccups.

Due to the soft launch, some web links that are currently embedded in Kuali Research (all modules: Protocols, Proposal Development, COI) and RMS may not work. We are actively working to add redirects to the former links, but in the meantime, you might encounter the dreaded “404” error, indicating the link does not have a redirect yet.


Over the next few days, we will take an inventory of all of the hyperlinks embedded in our ERA systems to create a crosswalk for your reference in the event that the redirects take longer than anticipated.

Again, please browse around the new site and become familiar with the content location. The Office of Research content still exists; it is just in a new place! For specific questions, please email .

Thank you for your patience as we undergo this upgrade.


Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA

Director, Electronic Research Administration

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