Kuali Research Protocols (KRP): A Note of Appreciation and an Update

Pumpkins in a basketWith Thanksgiving fast approaching, the Office of Research is thankful for the UCI research community’s patience and ongoing support during our transition to KRP

As part of our continuing efforts to facilitate this transition, we recently hired a temporary, dedicated team to work on protocol transcription.  With this team now in place, we aim to improve our protocol transcription turnaround times, as well as increase the number of transcriptions completed each month.

Having one system to house all protocol documentation is an important step in UCI’s research enterprise evolution.  KRP has enabled UCI and its IRB to streamline procedures and processes, and to provide users with in-system, post-submission transparency for the first time in UCI IRB history.  We recognize that the functional benefits of KRP require users to become acquainted with system navigation.  We understand that this takes additional time and effort to learn about these new functions and features.  Yet, we have already realized benefits from these functions and features.  For example, progressive logic presents users with protocol application questions related to the research, rather than requiring them to use a lengthy, one-size fits all form.  Similarly, the system enables streamlined IRB memos that point to ‘Action Items’ for researcher follow up.

We appreciate all the great engagement we have seen from our research partners.  We also want our partners to know that their IRB colleagues are here to help them with their KRP and protocol-related questions.  Please share any questions or concerns relating to KRP or the IRB process with Beverley.Alberola@uci.edu or Jessica.Sheldon@uci.edu.

For more information about KRP, please see the original announcement and/or refer to our IRB Listservs. Please contact HRP Staff for questions related to IRB submissions, and please contact ERA for technical questions related to KRP.

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