HIPAA & Consent Waivers Streamlined


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HIPAA & Consent Waivers Streamlined

Version February 22, 2024

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The HIPAA and consent waiver sections of the IRB application have been streamlined.

This change will only impact new studies submitted to the IRB after February 21, 2024.

  • HIPAA waiver section was reduced from 14 questions/prompts to 3-5
  • Consent waiver section was reduced from 9 questions/prompts to 2-3
  • Sections were trimmed down to focus on the regulatory criteria, without extraneous prompts
  • Justification for each regulatory criterion is no longer required; rather, most criteria have been collapsed together into a single check-box prompt to confirm its applicability
  • The prompt addressing the practicability criterion has been revised to include a list of predefined justifications that the IRB finds acceptable. Researchers may select from the list or provide their own free response justification.


  • Reduces administrative burden for researchers and HRP colleagues 
  • Reduces researcher error rate when addressing regulatory criteria for waivers
  • Improves time to approval for minimal risk research that is limited to the review of private identifiable records (i.e., medical or school records)

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