NIH Guide Notice Update

Dear Colleagues:

Below is a summary of a recent NIH Guide Notice. Please review the notice and forward it to faculty, researchers and staff, as appropriate. Questions regarding the notices should be directed to your Contract and Grant Officer.

  • (NOT-OD-24-061)
    National Institutes of Health
This Notice informs the applicant community that, effective May 25, 2024, this guidance replaces previous guidance on marking changes in Resubmission applications. The use of markups such as bracketing, indenting, highlighting, bolding, italicizing, underlining, margin lines, change in typography, font, or font color, or any other type of markup should not be used to identify changes in Resubmission applications.

Changes made to a Resubmission application should only be outlined in the Introduction attachment. The Introduction must include a summary of substantial additions, deletions, and changes to the application. It must also include a response to weaknesses raised in the Summary Statement. Unless otherwise indicated in the Table of Page Limits, the Introduction may not exceed one page.

Nancy Lewis
Senior Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
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