Reminder: Updated Supplemental Heat Guidelines


Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)


Supplemental Heat in Anesthetized Animals

In December 2023, the IACUC announced changes to supplementary heating device guidelines. The announced deadline for adopting currently approved supplementary heat devices was February 15, 2024.

If you have not yet acquired and installed approved devices, please proceed to do so without further delay. It is strongly recommended to consult with a ULAR veterinarian regarding the suitability of any device before making a purchase. This consultation will ensure the appropriateness of the device for your specific application and allows any concerns to be addressed before finalizing acquisition.

As announced previously, unapproved devices should not be retained in labs in which live animals are used.  If an adverse event should occur in your lab due to continued use of non-approved supplementary heat devices, a halt will be placed on your lab’s animal use activities until the event has been investigated and resolved.

For any questions about supplemental heat use in animals, consult with Veterinarians.


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