A Message to All Lead Researchers – Winter Recess Reminder

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Winter Break Reminder

Even during the holidays, your research animals remain in your care!

During Winter Recess, it is crucial for laboratory staff to prioritize the well-being of their animals by adhering to all necessary monitoring and care procedures according to the approved IACUC protocols. It is the responsibility of Lead Researchers to ensure that the animals receive the same quality of care as they would at any other time

If you have researcher-maintained animals in campus vivaria or in your labs, it is essential to designate laboratory staff responsible for animal care. Additionally, please ensure the presence of backup systems to monitor all animals as required by your approved IACUC protocol.

Careful planning and increased communication among lab members will prevent most holiday-related lapses in standards of care.

If you need assistance during the Winter Recess, kindly dial (949) 824-7788 and follow the provided instructions on the recording to connect with on-call veterinary and ULAR husbandry staff.

Ensuring the care and welfare of research animals is our top priority. Consequently, please promptly report any concerns regarding animal welfare to the IACUC.

Happy Holidays!




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