Sponsored Projects Team/Group Update

The following specific changes will take effect May 15, 2017:

Nonfederal Group:



Shelley Scallan will now be handling all awards and post-award nonfinancial actions for School of Physical Sciences, School of Social Ecology, Psychiatry & Human Behavior and UCI MIND. Please feel free to contact her at .

Federal Group:



Erika Blossom and James Wang will be the primary contact for Shelley’s complement while we bring a new Federal Officer on board.  Please visit our website for the Sponsored Projects’ Departmental Assignment tool if you are unsure of who to contact.

Again, we greatly appreciate your assistance and patience while we are transitioning new members of the Federal and Nonfederal Groups.

Paul Lekutai

Supervising Principal Contract and Grant Officer



Erika Blossom
Supervising Principal Contract & Grant Officer

(949) 824-2237

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