REMINDER: FDP – NIH RFI for Strategies for Simplifying NIHs Grant Application Instructions

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder to please send your feedback and comments regarding NIH’s Request For Information to by this Friday, September 18th. Your input is valuable!

Thank you,

Jonathan K. Lew, MPA
eRA Officer
Sponsored Projects Administration
UCI Office of Research
5171 California Avenue, Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92697-7600

From: [] On Behalf Of Office of Research Sponsored Projects Administration
Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2015 5:31 PM
Subject: [Sponsored Projects] FDP – NIH RFI for Strategies for Simplifying NIHs Grant Application Instructions

Dear Colleagues,

In an effort to clarify what is required in grant applications and to restructure the NIH Grant Application Instructions, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a Request For Information (NOT-OD-15-134) seeking input from current applicants. The responses provided by our campus will be crucial in this endeavor by NIH to make grant application instructions easier to read; while at the same time keeping the information as current as possible and reducing administrative burden. We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to enact change at NIH that will ultimately benefit our campus.

In particular, NIH is looking for feedback and comments from Principal Investigators and Department Administrators in the following areas:

1. Specific information that is most important to you in the current NIH application guides, missing information that would be helpful and information that could be eliminated.
2. Your current access to application instructions including sources used and how they are located (e.g., NIH Grants website, FAQs, NIH Application Guide, help desk, web searches, and others).
3. The most useful and most challenging aspects of the current application instructions.
4. Insights and suggestions on how the information in the NIH application instructions could be presented more effectively, including future updates to the instructions.
5. Feedback on what sections are the most important to use in printed copy, as well as suggestions on how to customize a print function for application instructions (i.e. one full version, individual sections, etc.). This can include ideas for either a PDF or web version.
6. Feedback on proposed approaches to presenting NIH application instructions (described in background) and other ideas that NIH should consider.

Please forward this message to your Principal Investigators and other colleagues who may be interested in submitting feedback. You may send the responses via email to; or feel free to call me directly to discuss and I can document the comments for you. Your comments will anonymously be compiled with others and will be submitted to NIH as a collective response from UCI.

Please send me your comments by Friday, September 18th so that our office will have ample time to compile the comments and report back to NIH.

Thank you,

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