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NOT-OD-15-091 – Clarifying Publication Reporting Instructions for Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) and Renewal Applications

Compliance with the NIH public access policy has been a statutory requirement and a term and condition of all grants, cooperative agreements and contracts since 2008. A fundamental premise of NIH’s public access policy is that awardees are responsible for ensuring that papers directly resulting from their funding award are made accessible to the public on PubMed Central. When awardees list a paper in the progress report publication list of an RPPR or a renewal application, they are claiming that the publication directly arises from that award and the awardee is responsible for the public access compliance of the listed publications. This notice clarifies which papers directly arise from institutional training, career development, and related awards to reduce the burden of unnecessary reporting.


Guidance for Reporting Publications for Institutional Training, Career Development, and Related Awards (applies to T15, T32, TL1, T34, TL4, T35, T90, R25, RL5, R90, RL9, K12, KM1, KL2, D43, D71, DP7, U2R, and U45)


  • Trainee, scholar, and participant publications must be reported in section C.1 of the RPPR if:
    1. the publication was accepted for publication or published during the reporting period; and
    2. the publication resulted from work conducted while the individual was supported by the award (i.e., receiving a stipend or salary from the award). 
  • Publications resulting from work conducted while not actively supported by the institutional training, career development, or related award should not be reported in section C.1.




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