New Federal Proposal Submission Procedures – Avoiding Proposal Submission Delays


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New Federal Proposal Submission Procedures – Avoiding Proposal Submission Delays


With the new Federal Funding Proposal Reviews starting August 1, there are some key procedural changes to keep in mind so that federal proposals may be submitted on time.  Please review the following matrix, which identifies potential delays and their causes.




Proposal submission for institutional proposal review

Missing one or more of the following:

  • Senior/Key Personnel certification responses – be sure to check KR PD to ensure that all Senior/Key Persons have responded to the certification questions.
  • Missing biographical sketch for a Senior/Key Person.
  • Missing other/current & pending support (if required to be submitted with the proposal in accordance with sponsor policy).


The Senior/Key Personnel listed in the proposal application does not match Senior/Key Personnel listed in KR PD – be sure to verify that these two lists match.


Proposal submission to sponsor

Unresolved discrepancies identified during UCI’s institutional review process.  Senior/Key Persons and proposal Initiators will be contacted to assist in resolving discrepancies.  Please be sure to respond when contacted to help ensure timely resolution and on-time proposal submission to the sponsor.



Research Engagement & Compliance (REC) and Electronic Research Administration (ERA) will hold office hours from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM on 7/26/2023 to help answer your questions and demo how the new process will work in KR PD. Please use this Zoom link at that time to attend the office hours.


In the meantime, please email your questions to and/or visit the Federal Funding Proposal Review webpage.



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