NCURA Virtual Workshop – “Building a Budget”

Group Webinar Thursday 3/23/17 & Tuesday 4/4/17

Please join us for the group presentation of NCURA’s Virtual Workshop “Building a Budget” in our offices at 141 Innovation, Suite 250 on either March 23rd or April 4th from 8:30am – 12:00pm. We anticipate a lot of interest in this webinar and have reserved two of our large conference rooms for simultaneous streaming. OR staff will join in the presentation to help tie NCURA concepts to UCI realities. Register Today at UCLC.
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Developing a clear and reasonable budget is one of the most important pieces of the proposal process. The regulations tell us the budget should be the financial expression of the statement of work. The ability to build a budget that directly ties to the work being performed enhances the chances of being funded by the sponsor, and protects us in the case of an audit. Understanding how to work with PIs to craft a sound, reasonable budget and budget justification is essential to our roles as Research Administrators.

Learning Objectives

  • A red Computer Keyboard showing virtual classroomUsing the Uniform Guidance as the basis for our discussion, this session will explore the foundations of budget building.
  • Participants will discuss allowability, allocability, and reasonableness; administrative and clerical salary issues; determination of subrecipient, vendor, or consultant status; and many more issues surrounding budgeting, as well as crafting a solid budget justification.
  • This workshop should lay the groundwork for Research Administrators to successfully and confidently collaborate with the PI to build a sound budget that reflects the scope of work
Register Today!

(At UCLC, search for “NCURA” to find the two available webinars.)


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