Kuali Coeus – The Future of Proposal Development at UCI

Kuali Coeus: The Future of Proposal Development at UCI

The Office of Research http://research.uci.edu/ and the Office of
Information Technology http://www.oit.uci.edu/ (OIT) are pleased to
announce that UCI will implement the Proposal Development component of
the Kuali Coeus KC) system on August 6. It will initially be used by a
pilot group for the electronic review, routing, approval and submission
of proposals to Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA).

The pilot group includes representatives from The Chao Family
Comprehensive Cancer Center, TEC Business Center, Biological Chemistry,
UCI MIND, Advanced Power and Energy Program, Social Ecology, SPA and
OIT. These representatives serve as the focus group/subject matter
experts for this initial phase of KC Proposal Development.

The proposal routing, review and approval functionality of KC Proposal
Development will be rolled out to the UCI research community beginning
in the Fall. To prepare for the roll out, SPA and OIT will be holding
training sessions over the Summer. Additional information about the roll
out and training will be available in the near future.

KC is a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of research
administration. It assimilates the functions of multiple existing
systems into a single integrated system to better support an
institution’s research enterprise. The Proposal Development component of
KC, when fully implemented, will enable electronic proposal development
(including budget development), proposal routing, review and
institutional approval, as well as system-to-system submission of
proposals to Grants.gov.

To learn more about KC and to stay connected with the latest
developments, please sign up for the KC-project listserv by sending a
blank email to kc-project-join@uci.edu.

John C. Hemminger
Vice Chancellor for Research
Professor of Chemistry
Office of Research

Dana F. Roode
Associate Vice Chancellor
Chief Information Officer
Office of Information Technology

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