KC COI Announcement – Reminder: Last Call for Forms 800 and 900 is August 31, 2016!

KC COI Announcement

Last Call for Forms 800 and 900: August 31, 2016!

Starting September 1st, we will fully transition to KC COI for collecting financial disclosures from UCI Investigators for projects subject to the Public Health Service Regulations or the National Science Foundation policy.  This means that all UCI Investigators on PHS and NSF proposals will need to submit their financial disclosures through KC COI.  Please note that as of September 1, UCI will no longer use or accept Forms 800 and 900.

Tip: If you are now or will be a PHS and/or NSF Investigator and you have not completed your Annual Disclosure, please do so before September 1st to avoid any potential proposal submission delays related to filing your Annual Disclosure.

For more information, please watch this brief instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS3OLwiji_U.

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