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HRP Update: IRB Review Fee: New Rate

Version October 9, 2023

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IRB Review Fee: New Rate


A Few Facts About the IRB Review Fee:


  1. The IRB fee will increase from $1568.00 to $1850.00.[1] 


  1. This new rate impacts protocols approved by the IRB on or after October 1, 2023.


  1. The IRB fee is assessed for new clinical research protocols partially or fully supported by industry sponsors. This includes chart review studies.


  1. The IRB fee is a single fee to support the administrative costs of the protocol review process. [2]


  1. The fee is charged to the funding source after IRB approval, once the contract is fully executed.


  1. To account for IRB fees that remain uncollected when IRB approval is in place 6 months or longer and the contract is not fully executed, the IRB fee will be charged to the Department.


  1. IRB fees are not charged when federal, state or foundation dollars are used, and UCI is the IRB of record.


  1. When a commercial IRB is used however, along with federal funds, IRB fees are charged as the IRB is considered a vendor under the terms of the award.


  1. Please continue to account for the UCI IRB fee in your research protocol budgets.  The fee may increase or decrease over time to address programmatic needs.


Thank you for your continued flexibility as we continue to adjust with rising costs in our HRP. 

Should you have any questions on IRB fees, please review the HRP webpage or reach out to

Beverley Alberola Senior HRP Director at 949-824-5746. 




[1] For reference: UCI continues to maintain one of the lowest IRB review fee rates among the UC campuses. UC IRB review rates range from $1850 (UCI), $3200 (UCLA), $2700 (UCSD), $3400 (UC Davis) and $3630 (UCSF).

[2] If a researcher submits a protocol through a single IRB review (s-IRB) process, then, re-submits to UCI IRB or should the reverse occur, IRB fees will be assessed both times to account for each separate administrative cost.

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