IMPORTANT REMINDERS – NIH eRA eSubmission Items of Interest

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: NIH eRA eSubmission Items of Interest

Important Considerations to keep in mind as the submission date nears:

1. Notifications of
submissions come from first and NIH second.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to track the application . Since
email can be unreliable, applicants are encouraged to use and
eRA Commons to check the status of the submission. Seeing the assembled
application in eRA Commons is the only sure-fire way to verify the
submission has made it through the systems error-free. Applications must
be error free in eRA Commons by the submission deadline in order to move
forward for consideration. When receiving these notifications, make sure
to read the entire message to be sure critical information is not

2. Applications submitted in the final hours before a submission
deadline may take longer to process due to high system usage. While NIH
continues to dedicate additional resources to improve response time,
like any “rush hour” scenario, delays do sometimes occur and it may take
several hours to receive the results of the submission.

3. Submit early enough to take advantage of the 2 day viewing
window by submitting a minimum of 2 days before the submission date. The
eRA Commons application viewing window provides applicants with an
opportunity to view the assembled application image just as a reviewer
would see it and to verify that the image correctly reflects your
submission (i.e., submitted information was not lost or garbled during
the assembly process). Applicants who submit early have the option of
correcting warnings or making other application changes within this
window as long as the corrected submission is submitted prior to the
deadline. However, any Changed/Corrected application submitted after the
deadline will overwrite the previous submission. The Changed/Corrected
application is then subject to the NIH late policy .

4. Other than the rare scenarios outlined in the late submission
policy ,
the only other time applications are accepted after the submission date
is when there is a documented and confirmed system issue. System issues
are scenarios where either or eRA Commons are experiencing
problems that prevent your ability to submit on time (examples ).
Applicants experiencing a system issue must follow the Guidelines for
Applicants Experiencing System Issues

Just in Time is All the Time? NOT-OD-12-101

Previous to April 20, 2012, the JIT link within eRA Commons was only
visible if the application received an impact score within a certain
range. Under the new business process, the JIT link is available for all
applications within 24 hours after the impact score has been released.
Since the JIT link will be available for all applications, applicants
should not rely on the appearance of the link as an indicator of the
need to submit JIT information; instead they should rely on the JIT
notification email sent from NIH eRA Commons to the Project
Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s).

Should you have questions regarding any of these considerations, please
feel free to contact your Contract and Grant Officer .

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