Important info. regarding changes to the subaward process

Dear Colleagues:

As announced at the August 31st QRAM, the Subrecipient Commitment Form
will be mandatory for all subaward proposals submitted to Sponsored Projects
on or after October 1, 2011.

This form should be included in the subaward proposal packet that is
submitted to Sponsored Projects for review with the prime proposal
submission. We recommend that subaward recipients be notified of this
requirement well in advance of the proposal deadline, so that they may
submit the form with the appropriate signatures from their authorized
official. Failure to do so may delay submission of the prime proposal.

At the QRAM, Sponsored Projects also announced a procedural change
regarding the issuance of subawards. Effective immediately, Sponsored
Projects will issue subwards that reflect the period of performance and
funding allocation as specified in the prime award, unless instructed
otherwise by the Principal Investigator via the Subaward Verification
Form (“SVF”). If the Principal Investigator elects to alter the period
of performance and/or funding that is allocated to the subrecipient, it
will be the responsibility of the administering department to contact
the Subaward Team when the PI is ready to provide additional time and/or

Finally, Sponsored Projects announced the creation of the mailbox for all incoming subaward
correspondence. Subaward proposals, however, should continue to be
directed to the appropriate Sponsored Projects Officer.

We believe that these changes will help to streamline and expedite the
subawards process. If you should have any questions regarding these
changes, please feel free to contact me.


Nancy R. Lewis

Director, Sponsored Projects

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