Federal Proposal Review- Certification Questions Reference

Thank you to all those who have attended our office hours on the new Federal Proposal. 


Based on the feedback, we’ve created the attached reference sheet to help researchers prepare for the certification questions effective August 1st. The form is also available online: https://research.uci.edu/rsic/fedprop-review/ (see screenshot below). Please feel free to share the reference sheet with your researchers but remind them that the reference sheet is not the actual certification. Researchers must complete the certification questions themselves in KR PD per each new federal and federal flow-through proposal.


I have also attached the email from the VCR recommending all researchers update their biosketches and current & pending/other support disclosures now for your reference. Thank you for your support and please keep sending us suggestions on how to make this process smoother.





Nadia Wong (she/her)

Conflict of Interest Administrator (Research)

Research Compliance & Outreach Manager



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