Dear Colleagues,

We are gratified and uplifted by the enormous interest on the part of the campus community to reallocate/repurpose needed equipment to the UCI Medical Center (UCIMC) as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis. In an effort to coordinate internal reallocation/repurposing of these items and assist UCIMC with their urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE), Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) will be the point of contact for the campus. 

The items that UCIMC will accept are the following:

  • Face shields
  • Goggles
  • General face masks
  • Gloves
  • N95 respirators
  • Isolation gowns (disposable)
  • Hand sanitizer (manufacturer made, not compoents)

UCIMC has indicated that they cannot accept any separate components to make hand sanitizer due to DOT regulations and nosocomial swabs because they must be a certain type for medical use.  Please do not bring any items that are not listed above due to space constraints.

Prior to drop-off, in order to ensure safe receipt and delivery of PPE, please read these instructions carefully:

Before delivery, please fill out an intake form, then print and bring with you the email acknowledgment of your submission (A link to this form will also be available on UCI’s Coronavirus Information Hub website).  This form will assist EH&S in organizing the incoming items and ensure the items are distributed to UCIMC and to any other campus units that are most in need.  Please keep good records of reallocated items for reconciliation later, in particular those charged to federal funds.  EH&S is not able to return any unused items so please remember to keep PPE in stock for your own research needs.  Please note: This is not a charitable donation. Charitable donations are being handled separately by UCI Advancement.

EH&S will be accepting items at 4600 Health Sciences Road, building 41 on the campus map, on the following days and times:

Thursday, 3/26 (8 AM – noon)
Tuesday, 3/31 (8 AM – noon)
Wednesday, 4/01 (8 AM – noon)
Thursday, 4/02 (8 AM – noon)

There will be signs directing vehicles to the EH&S parking lot and EH&S lobby where people can drop off items.  EH&S will ensure that individuals are practicing social distancing for any line that forms outside the building

If you have any questions, please send your message to: safety@uci.edu. Thank you very much for your interest in supporting our essential workers at the Medical Center and on campus.


Pramod Khargonekar, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research
Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

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