KR Protocols Launch and Impact on Research

KR Protocols Launch

and Impact on Research

Kuali Research (KR) Protocols module provides key improvements to
UCI’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO) committee processes

The Kuali Research Protcols module replaces outdated IRB and hSCRO systems and processes

Phased Timeline

  • May 2021: Launch of the Non-Human Subjects Research (NHSR) formĀ in
    KR Protocols
  • June 2021: Limited IRB submissions allowed only
  • September 2021: Full IRB and hSCRO roll out in KRĀ Protocols
  • Post Roll Out: Researchers transcribe existing protocols to KR Protocols at next IRB transaction

About KR Protocols

Continuing Office of Research efforts to transition away from outdated technology, systems and processes, we are moving closer toward Kuali Research as UCI’s enterprise research administration system!

KR Protocols replaces manual, paper based processes with a web-based application that provides management tools for human and stem cell protocol compliance.

Major highlights include:

  • A shared single point-of-entry for protocol submission and management for human subject and human stem cell researchers.
  • A shared single point-of-entry for protocol tracking, processing, review and auditing for UCI IRB and hSCRO administrative staff
  • Full transparency for researchers on initial protocol submissions, protocol review and documentation of approved protocols.

More details will be disseminated through the IRB Listserv as we progress toward our phased launch dates. To keep up-to-date, please subscribe by sending a blank email to

  UCI Office of Research UCI Kuali Research  

For questions, please contact us at

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