New Dropdown Section in KRP User Guide

Dear Colleagues,


The ERA has updated the KRP user guide and added a new dropdown section “Steps to Take to Ensure Receiving the KRP Reminders in Outlook and Gmail”. You can find it at the bottom of the General Tips section.


We also attached the steps here in this email below. With these steps, we hope you all can receive important KRP notifications in your regular inbox without getting distributed to junk box.



All the KRP auto-generated emails are sent from .


Sometimes those emails end up being distributed to the Junk folder, so we recommend taking these steps below to receive the emails in your regular inbox.



For Outlook


1. Click “Junk” under the Home tab.

Image 01


2.    Click “Junk E-mail Options”.

Image 02


3. In the pop-up, click “Safe Senders” and select “Add”.

Image 03


4. Enter “” in the box and click “OK”.

Image 04


5. It should show what you just added on the screen. Then click “Apply” and hit “OK”.

Image 05



For Gmail


1. Click the settings icon on the right top on your Gmail screen.

Image 06


2. Click “See all settings”.

Image 11


3. Click “Filters and Blocked Addresses” and “Create a new filter”.

Image 07


4. Type “” in “From” and click “Create filter”.

Image 08


5. Check “Never send it to Spam” and click “Create filter”.

Image 09


6. Now you can see what’s added in the Filters and Blocked Addresses.

Image 10


If you have any questions or feedback on this new guidance, please contact .


Thank you!


The ERA Team

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