Kuali Coeus February Deployment (TONIGHT, 02/17)

Dear Kuali Coeus Community,

KC will be down tonight, 02/17/2016, from 8:00PM-8:30PM for the February deployment. During this 30-minute period, KC will be unavailable. Please read below for exciting enhancements and fixes included in this month’s deployment.

Cayuse 424 and KC Proposal Development

The February 2016 KC deployment features the ERA Team’s first phase of data integration between KC Proposal Development and Cayuse 424. The main features include:

  • KC Proposal Development Documents that contain a properly formatted Cayuse 424 link in the Abstracts & Attachments Tab will be automatically paired with the referenced Cayuse 424 Proposal. The pairing occurs upon Submission to Workflow in KC or when the Data Validation is turned “ON”.
    • An active pairing is denoted by the new orange icon image001-1.png that appears in Cayuse 424 beside the Proposal name in the list and inside the Cayuse 424 Proposal.
    • Hover over the icon image001-1.png to view the KC Proposal # with which the Cayuse 424 Proposal is paired.

·Upon Submission to Workflow, Kuali Coeus sends Cayuse 424 a list of Users* who are assigned ‘Read’ access in the Permissions section.

    • All users who appear on this list have access to the Cayuse 424 proposal, should they choose to view the proposal in Cayuse 424.
    • The transmission of data will not overwrite manually added Permissions.
    • No email notifications are sent out upon issuance of Cayuse 424 Permissions.

Proposal Development Functional Changes

·If a proposal needs to be routed to a different group within SPA, the eRA officers can now re-route it.

·The error has been fixed that was caused by clicking ‘return value’ in the Source Unit Lookup in the Cost Share tab of the Budget.

·Cleaned up values in the Research Type Code dropdown to limit options to: Basic, Applied and Developmental. Note that the Research Type Code is only required if Research is chosen as the Activity Type.

·Hid the area titled Institutional Fields Conditionally Required where the user could input an Institutional Proposal ID or an Award ID – both of which are not utilized in KC.



·On the Sponsor & Program Information Panel, added a field for Sponsor Deadline Time. The format for this field is: 5:00 PM or 10:00 AM. This is not a required field, but if the proposal is due by a specific time, that time should be entered.



·A new column for “Sponsor Deadline Time” was added in the Preliminary and Institutional Review Queues. The time, if entered, from the new “Sponsor Deadline Time” field will display in the column.


If you have any questions or feedback related to tonight’s deployment, please contact me directly.


Thank you!


Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA
Assistant Director
Electronic Research Administration

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