KR Protocols – New “Download All” Feature Released

Dear Colleagues,


The ERA team is excited to announce a new “Download All” feature for all attachments in Kuali Research Protocols (KRP)!


This new functionality was recently released by our vendor and is now live in KRP.


All files in the Attachment List Section can now be downloaded as a single zip file. A new “Download All” button has been added next to the “Columns” button in Attachments.


When the user clicks on the “Download All” button, all files will be zipped and the new zip file will download automatically.



The zipped file will include the protocol number, version number and date/time it was downloaded.


When unzipping the files, the attachment type will prefix the actual filename:


“Recruitment Material – Recruitment Flyer.pdf”



If you have any questions or feedback on this new feature, please contact


Thank you!


The ERA Team

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