KR Downtime TONIGHT (12/12): 8PM

Dear Colleagues,

KR will experience downtime this evening from 8PM-9PM. Functional changes of interest are outlined below.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Unable to open/navigate finalized PD document where SPA approver is no longer at UCI
    • Proposal data override lookup function returns value in wrong field
    • Repaired the broken link in Action List
  • Add new Lead Units into KR
    • Add Assigned Officers to New Units
    • Update KR to SPA database mapping for new Lead Units
    • Add new Dept Codes into SPA database
  • Various UCPath analysis and fixes for KC/KR
  • Changes to School of Medicine routing
    • Remove SOM Officer group and associated routing rules
    • Update routing for non-client RSS departments
    • Decustomize Dean minor edit return routing
  • Decustomize skipping Chair, Dean, ORU Director if also the PI
    • This was a customization made in KC 5.2.1
    • If the PI is also the Chair, Dean or ORU Director, the PI will need to approve the KR document in both stops – once as PI and again at the Chair/Dean/ORU Director stop
  • De-customize New Project Disclosures to Complete area in KR COI
  • Activities to move toward KSAMS caching
    • This is so KR can continue to route documents correctly when disconnected from KSAMS
  • Internal clean up of UCI KC Managers list

If you have any questions regarding tonight’s downtime, please send email to

Kind Regards,


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