Kuali Coeus is back up

Dear KC Users:

KC is back up and running.  Please proceed with any pending actions, and let us know if you encounter any problems.

Greg Ruth

Communications Manager
Office of Research


From: kc-project-bounces@uci.edu [mailto:kc-project-bounces@uci.edu] On Behalf Of Kuali Coeus Project
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2014 10:22 AM
To: kc-project@uci.edu
Subject: [KC-Project] Kuali Coeus is down

Dear KC Users,

The Kuali Coues system is currently down. The KC Admin Team is aware and working on the issue. Another notification will be sent out when the system is up again.

Thank you,


Alison Yeung
Sr. Contract & Grant Officer
Sponsored Projects Administration

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