KC Downtime, TONIGHT (8/7)

Dear Kuali Coeus Users,

Kuali Coeus will be experiencing downtime tonight, 08/07, from 8PM-9PM, for the monthly deployment. Changes of interest in this month’s deployment include:



·Add a Column for “Action” to the PI’s Lookup Table in CT Negotiations & Fed/Non Fed Module

·“Award Amount” column will be included in the Negotiations In Progress lookup from Zot!Portal

Conflict of Interest:

·Changing link on the UCLC COIR Training emails from KC COI because of UCLC upgrade


·Update to Industry Clinical Trials Officer assignments, reference the SPA department assignment webpage .

Remember to save your work often!

For any questions on tonight’s KC deployment, contact era@research.uci.edu.

Thank you,

Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

Sponsored Projects Administration

UCI Office of Research



To learn more about ERA and to stay connected with the latest project developments, please sign up for the OR-ERA listserv by sending a blank email to:

Sign up for the SPA listserv by sending a blank email to:or-spa-join@department-lists.uci.edu“>or-spa-join@department-lists.uci.edu.


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