KC Downtime TONIGHT (03/23)

Dear Kuali Coeus Community,

KC will be down tonight, 03/23/2016, from 8:00PM-8:30PM for the March deployment. During this 30-minute period, KC will be unavailable. Please read below for exciting enhancements and fixes included in this month’s deployment.


Proposal Development


As a part of our continuing efforts to reduce administrative burden for UCI’s researchers and their support staff, the Office of Research has announced a streamlined procedure for complying with the State of California’s requirement that Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) disclose their financial interests in non-governmental sponsors of UCI’s research via form 700U. The new procedure is effective tomorrow, 03/24/2016. See attached email as reference.


Changes to the questions contained in the Conflict of Interest questionnaire on the Questions tab in KC are based on this exciting change.

  • Updated questions in COI Questionnaire to follow parent-child format. The second question will only appear when YES is answered to the first question. Similarly, the third question will only appear when the second question is YES.
    • Upon proposal finalization by SPA, if the third question “Did the PI or Co-PI disclose a financial interest on their uploaded Form 700U(s)?” is marked YES, a notification will be sent to the COI admin team who will take further action.


  • On the Proposal tab, on the Required Fields for Saving Document, added “select” to Award Type and made a required field in order to ensure accurate selection.
    • When copying a proposal, the Award Type will copy to the new proposal.


  • On the Summary tab, on the Attachments panel, the label “Institutional Attachments” was incorrect and has been changed to “Internal Attachments”.
  • From the Development Proposal Lookup in Zot!Portal, Assigned Officer was added as lookup criteria and results



Cayuse 424 Phase II: Data Synchronization


  • Cayuse permissions assigned to KC Approvers: updated to Read, List and Print access
  • In order for the eRA group to more effectively address permission errors, more information was provided through a ServiceNow ticket
  • Unpair Cayuse proposal and KC document upon confirmation of cancel/terminate/disapprove
  • Other technical enhancements

If you have any questions regarding this month’s deployment, please contact me directly.

Kind Regards,


Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA

Assistant Director

Electronic Research Administration

UCI Office of Research

5171 California Avenue, Suite 150

Irvine, CA 92697-7600

Ph: 949.824.4789 Fax: 949.824.2094

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