ERA Telecommuting Tips – “Snap” view in Windows


Here is another tip to help better prepare for the upcoming telecommuting pressure test. We have the luxury of utilizing dual monitors while working here in our offices; however, once you start telecommuting, you’re going to be limited to a single, smaller screen.

With Window’s “Snap” view, you can have different application windows open on the screen at the same time, without having to click back and forth between them. This is very helpful in situations where, for example, you need to compare data or documents on two different websites or documents.  

You can ‘split’ your desktop to view different applications at once… all with a couple keystrokes.

To do so, hold down the Windows icon key and then hit either the left or right arrow; this will send your active window to fill one side of your screen (either left or right side):

image002.jpg  image003.jpg image004.jpg        

You’ll then be given the option to select a second window to fill out the other half of the screen:


So now your two windows are visible:


If you wanted to go crazy, you could even split one monitor into four quadrants by clicking and dragging windows into each of the four corners:


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