DWQuery Data Element Updates

Dear Colleagues,

Some data element changes have been deployed in the DWQuery that you can now use as part of your data reports:

Institutional Proposal Number: this is now available as part of the Award Attributes report. This number is useful as it links Proposal records to Award records in KR.


Data elements have been relabeled or moved to provide more clarity:

o‘Proposal Campus ID’ relabeled to ‘Proposal PI Campus ID’

oAward Account Number and Award Fund Number are now listed one after the other

oProposal F&A Rate and Proposal F&A Rate Type moved to be consistent with the Award Report data element order

Please let the ERA Team know if you have any questions or would like schedule a call to go over how to use DWQuery for your reporting needs. You can email era@research.uci.edu.

The ERA Team

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