*Cayuse 424 Notification* Support for IE9 & IE10 Ends July 1st

Dear Cayuse Users:

Please see the message below from Evisions regarding which browsers to use when preparing proposals in Cayuse 424.

The ERA Team recommends using Mozilla Firefox when using both Cayuse 424 and Kuali Coeus.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

Sponsored Projects Administration

UCI Office of Research


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Subject: [Cayuse 424 Users Listserv] *Notification* Support for IE9 & IE10 Ends July 1st
Importance: High

Greetings Research Suite User Community,

In January 2016, Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer 9 & 10. In light of this, Evisions will discontinue IE9 & 10 compatibility support for all products in the Research Suite (Cayuse 424, SP, & IRB) on July 1, 2016.

What do I need to know?

What: Research Suite compatibility supportwill end for IE9 & 10

When: July 1, 2016

Why: Microsoft no longer supports these browser versions

What does “End of Support” mean?

“End of Support” from Microsoft’s perspective means they are no longer providing IE 9 & 10 security updates and support. This does not mean these browser versions will suddenly stop working, but it does mean Microsoft strongly encourages you to upgrade to a newer version to protect your computer’s safety and security. As for the Research Suite, you can continue to use these browser versions, but our Quality Assurance team will only be testing new releases with supported browser versions. Any software releases that take place between now and July 1 will still be compatible with IE9 & 10.

What browsers should I use for the Evisions Research Suite?

The Research Suite fully supports Internet Explorer 11 and recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Firefox ESR. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari are all provisionally supported. Provisional support means we are working toward full support and fix issues in those browsers as they arise.

We are making this change because we want you to have a great experience working in the Evisions Research Suite! Please report any suspected browser-related issues to Support by opening a ticket via the HelpDesk. If you have any questions or feedback on this upcoming change, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.

I’ll send out a reminder of the impending change when we get closer to the date. Please help us spread the word by distributing this information to all users of Cayuse 424, Cayuse SP & Cayuse IRB.

Your Research Suite Experts,

Desiree & Evisions, Inc.

Desireé Gregory
Product Support Manager, Research Suite

(503) 297-2108 x226


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