[Cayuse 424] *Known Issue* NIH Fellowship Opportunities

Dear Cayuse users:

Please see the notice below from Evisions regarding a known issue in NIH Fellowship packages.

If you have any questions, please contact era@research.uci.edu


Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

Sponsored Projects Administration

UCI Office of Research


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Greetings Cayuse 424 User Community,

We are seeing an issue with the NIH Fellowship opportunity packages that is causing a rejection at the eRA Commons for a very small subset of applicants. Please review the following information carefully to determine whether your application may be affected. If your proposal was not completed as described below, you are not affected by this issue. If your proposal is affected, please read on for details about how to successfully submit your application.

Location and Description of the Problem

PHS Fellowship Supplemental form à Additional Information page à Question 31 *Citizenship à If the answer to this question is Non-U.S. Citizen à Permanent U.S. Resident Visa


Screenshot of PHS Fellowship Supplemental Question 31:




Opportunities Affected


Impact to Applicants

If the applicant answered the Citizenship question as described above in yellow, the eRA Commons rejects the proposal with an error stating:

“ERROR: More than one Non-U.S. Citizen option has been selected. Please review your selections and choose only one option.”



Evisions Support contacted NIH directly as soon as we were made aware of the issue. After consulting with that team, it was determined that the issue could be corrected on either the Cayuse 424 or the eRA Commons side. The amazing folks at the NIH are working some magic so the applications that are submitted with this answer are accepted and a Warning is generated instead of an Error in the eRA Commons. They have assured us that their team will have this validation change in place in time for any proposals due on Monday to be submitted by the deadline.

What Do I Need to Do?

·If question 31 was answered in any other combination than the one shown above, your application is not affected and you do not need to do anything.

·If question 31 was answered as described above and your proposal is due on Monday, August 8th:

1.Please open a ticket with the eRA Commons HelpDesk to create a record of the issue.

2.The fix being implemented by the eRA Commons (relaxing the validation from an Error to a Warning) will be in place by Monday morning. Submit your proposal on Monday, keeping in mind that the Commons will still generate a Warning that more than one option has been selected for the Citizenship question. You can safely disregard this Warning. If you are not sure whether the validation fix is in place, please check with the eRA Commons HelpDesk. As soon as Evisions hears the fix is in place, we will send out an announcement as well.

·If question 31 was answered as described above and your proposal is due after Monday the 8th, please plan on following steps 1 and 2 above. However, Evisions is also looking into a longer term fix on our side that will prevent the eRA Commons warning entirely (and alleviate a lot of stress for our end users!). Please keep an eye out for another Listserv post from me, or feel free to open a ticket with the Research Suite Support HelpDesk to be notified individually.

The Research Suite Support team is working on identifying a list of Cayuse 424 users and proposals that we know are affected by this issue. We will also be reaching out to affected PIs individually to ensure that they are aware and know what to expect. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support by opening a HelpDesk ticket. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and any additional stress this may be causing you or your team. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that all proposals are submitted successfully.

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