*Cayuse 424* Forms-E Applications under new Opportunity Numbers

Hello Cayuse 424 Users,

Please see the message below from Cayuse clarifying the availability of the FORMS-E packages. Many of the opportunities have been released under new opportunity numbers.

If you are having trouble finding a FORMS-E package, feel free to contact the ERA Team at and we can look into it.


Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

UCI Office of Research



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Greetings Cayuse User Community,

If you are having trouble locating the Forms-E version of an opportunity, note that it may have been released under a new opportunity number. When numbers do not change, Cayuse 424 will automatically download all available application packages and present them in the Opportunity tab, however, when the numbers change the new version can be easily added using the Download Opportunity button.

Some examples of opportunities whose latest versions involve new opportunity numbers include:
PA-16-160 is now PA-18-484.
PA-17-225 is now PA-18-502.
PAR-16-242 is  now PAR-18-206.
PA-13-303 is now PA-18-489 & PA-18-344.
PAR-17-466 is now PAR-18-555.
PAR-17-463 is now PAR-18-554.
RFA-AA-13-004 is now PAS-18-557.
PAR-16-339 is now PAR-18-556.

There are of course many, many others, so we recommend doing a Google search for the announcement and reading the Overview Information in it see if it links to a newer version. Remember, in Cayuse 424, you can check the application package formset by looking in the Competition ID field. It should say “Forms-E” there for the Forms-E version of an opportunity.

If you have any questions, please contact Support by giving us a call at (503) 297-2108 x201 or opening a ticket via the Help Center.

Your Research Suite Experts,
Desiree & Cayuse, LLC

Desiree Gregory
Product Support Manager
503-297-2108 x201


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