*Cayuse 424* Downtime – Thursday 3/21 from 6PM-10PM

Dear Cayuse 424 Users:

Cayuse will be upgrading their system tomorrow, Thursday, March 21st from 6PM to 10PM. The system will be unavailable during this time. Please be sure to save all your work and exit out of Cayuse 424 prior to the downtime.

Below are some of the highlights included with this update. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ERA Team at era@research.uci.edu.


Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

UCI Office of Research

141 Innovation, Suite 250

Irvine, CA 92697-7600




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Validation Enhancements:

·NIH validation updates to comply with recent NIH changes: updated the trigger for the Inclusion Enrollment Report on the Human Subject and Clinical Trial Information form, updated rules for SBIR/STTR form v1.2, and added a rule for the “Women Owned” and “Socially and Economically Disadvantaged” checkboxes on the SF424 form.

·For the PHS Human Subject and Clinical Trial Information (HSCTI) form, the “Clinical Trial Questionnaire” requires “Overall Structure of the Study Team” attachment if all questions are answered “Yes.” Cayuse 424 will now trigger a validation.

·Validations used for the NIH eRA Commons agencies have been updated to dynamically reflect each agency individually (NIH, CDC, FDA, AHRQ, SAMHSA, USU) instead of only NIH. New warnings have been put in place to notify users when they shouldn’t use these validation types for proposals not destined for the NIH eRA Commons.

·The Cayuse 424 Listing Title field now accepts 240 characters instead of 250 to comply with the proposal submission schema.

·With Multi-Project proposals, the “Human Subjects Included” radio buttons in the Other Project Information, HSCTI, and Summary forms could get out of sync from the value shown on the Multi-Project Overall proposal. This value is now updated correctly in the Overall proposal.

·For Multi-Project proposals, Cayuse validations have been added for “Human Subjects Exemption Status Agreement.” Now, if any of the human subject-involved subcomponents are not exempt, the Overall will not be exempt either.


·The attachment deletion dialog box now includes the draft file name to provide clarification to the user of which files they are deleting.

·Attachment warnings in the validation pane now display attachment-specific information so users don’t have to click validation links.

·Error messages are now displayed when a user attempts to upload an unsupported attachment, such as encrypted, password protected, executable, empty, or non-PDF files.

General Fixes and Updates:

·Deleting a subaward key person attachment wasn’t deleting the attachment from the prime key person. The copy of the attachment is now correctly deleted.

·An error was occurring on some proposals when attempting to generate a PDF of the HSCTI form. This error no longer occurs.

·Hover-over help has been added to Degree Type and Degree Year fields in the NSF_KeyPersonExpanded_1_2-V1.2 form, and lets users know that these fields are not needed for NSF proposals.

·NSF-specific data is now hidden on the Sr./Key Person Subaward forms when they are linked to non-NSF prime proposals. Non-NSF data is now hidden on the Sr./Key Person Subaward forms when they are linked to NSF prime proposals.

·Deleting a PI from a proposal was only deleting the attachments associated with the PI. Deleting a PI now functions as intended.

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