*Cayuse 424* Downtime this Saturday, 1/27 8AM-8PM

Dear Cayuse 424 users:

The system will experience downtime this Saturday, 1/27 from 8AM-8PM to accommodate the upgrade to v8.1.1. During this time, Cayuse 424 will be unavailable.

Please see below for details on this upgrade. If you have any questions, please contact the ERA Team at era@research.uci.edu.

Thank you,

Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

eRA Officer

UCI Office of Research



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Greetings Cayuse 424 User Community,

The Cayuse 424 v8.1.1 release on Saturday includes three important NIH validation updates. This message describes those changes and also address the impact of the current validations to anyone submitting proposals today or tomorrow. 

Cayuse 424 v8.1.1 will include:

  • Corrects an erroneous validation limiting the HSCTI form Study Title to 30 characters. Important Note: Proposals submitted in Cayuse 424 prior to 01/27/2018 MUST have study titles of 30 characters or less to avoid rejection by Grants.gov.
  • Removes a multi-project validation related to “Activities Outside the US” that was appearing in single-project proposals.


  • Adds two Cayuse validations for both the Facilities & Other Resources and the Equipment attachments. These attachments are required by NIH Guidelines but do not appear as standard NIH validations. We have added Cayuse validations to ensure these attachments are not missed.

If you are submitting proposals today or tomorrow and encounter either the HSCTI Study Title error or the “Activities Outside the US” error, please review the information below.

HSCTI Study Title Error
When validating your proposal prior to submission, you may encounter an error that reads:
(1:1418): string length (x) is greater than maxLength facet (30) for type of ATT element in type of HumanSubjectATT element in type of element PHSHumanSubjectsAndClinicalTrialsInfo in namespace http://applygrants.gov/forms/PHSHumanSubjectsAndClinicalTralsInfoV1.0

If you submit your proposal between now and Saturday’s upgrade, this error WILL cause your proposal to be rejected by Grants.gov. The Study Title must be corrected to 30 characters or less. If you can wait until after Saturday’s upgrade, the error will no longer appear and you can submit without any issues. Existing proposals will not need to be Transformed for the error to clear.

Activities Outside the US Error
When working on your single-project proposal, you may encounter an error in the validation pane that reads:
Error: [Other Project Info 6a][NIH] If the answer to the Activities Outside the US question in every sub-component is No then the answer in the Overall Component must also be No.

This error can be safely disregarded in single-project proposals and will not impact the proposal’s acceptance at either Grants.gov or the eRA Commons.

Both of the errors described above will be corrected in v8.1.1.

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