*Cayuse 424* Authentication of Key Resources Plan PDF

Dear Colleagues,


Please see the clarification below regarding a common warning that users are experiencing when submitting a proposal in response to a funding opportunity that requires an “Authentication of Key Resources Plan.” Included are two suggestions on how to resolve the warning so that you can proceed with an error & warning free submission.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Jonathan K. Lew, MPA

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UCI Office of Research

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 Greetings Cayuse 424 User Community!


Some of our customers have reported that they are receiving a warning that they have not attached an Authentication of Key Resources PDF file when it is attached.  This message is causing some people confusion regarding the meaning of the message and how to resolve it.


If you are currently applying for an opportunity that requires the inclusion of an “Authentication of Key Resources Plan” PDF file and you receive the warning (shown below), please continue reading for the solution on how to resolve this issue.




The above message can be caused by either of the following reasons:


·         If the Funding Opportunity Announcement requires inclusion of the “Authentication of Key Resources Plan” file on your proposal and it is not included, your application will be identified as non-compliant and will be withdrawn from the review process (see NOT-OD-15-095).

·         If the Funding Opportunity Announcement requires you to include the “Authentication of Key Resources Plan” file on your proposal and that you use a specific file name, including the file without the correct file name will cause the application to be identified as non-compliant, it will be withdrawn from the review process, and your application will not move forward for review.


In situations where the file name is specifically defined by the opportunity guidelines, it means that the file must be named (excluding the quotes for clarity) “Authentication of Key Resources Plan.pdf”.  The spelling, capitalization, and spaces are all important when creating a correct file.


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