KC Downtime this evening May 10th, from 8:00PM-9:00PM

Dear KC Users,

KC will experience downtime this evening, 05/10, from 8:00PM-9:00PM, for the monthly deployment.

Features of interest included in this deploy are:

  • SPA Database
    • Upon an officer releasing the award to C&G accounting, an email will be sent to the administrative contact on the award requesting that certain information be sent to C&G accounting.
      • The email will be from the officer releasing the award and will have the subject line: C&G:  PI:  LEWIS – PHS – NIH Mental Health – CG Type:  Grant – CFDA#: 12-1234 – TESTONLY12345
      • In order to expedite the receipt of the award synopsis, when you see an email of this nature, please follow the instructions described in the body of the email.
    • Proposal Development
      • Internal Attachments: new type has been added to the drop down: “Indirect Cost Exception Request”
      • In the budget, if subawards are included, the subaward budget attachment is optional
        • NOTE: A subaward budget is still required, but if it is attached as part of the subrecipient commitment package, there is no need to reattach it in the subaward budget tab.
        • It is still required to list the subaward organization and enter the dollar amount. If Subawards are included and this information is missing, a validation error will occur.
      • The Log Action Message feature on the Route Log is enabled
        • Notes / comments entered in the Log Message are visible in the Route Log


  • Negotiations
    • In the light box view, an identifier line has been added to the top to easier identify the record that is open
  • Industry Clinical Trials Negotiations
    • The bug that caused the order of display of activities to be incorrect has been fixed

As a reminder, please save your work often!




Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA
Assistant Director
Electronic Research Administration

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