MacArthur Foundation 100&Change – Important New Information Regarding Application Submission for this Competition

MacArthur Foundation 100&Change

Important New Information Regarding Application Submission for this Competition

The Office of Research has received the following clarifications from the MacArthur Foundation regarding the new 100&Change funding opportunity:

This is a limited submission, therefore the Office of Research will conduct an internal review of proposal concepts based on MacArthur’s scoring rubric (each category has equal weight):

  • MEANINGFUL: Is the proposal bold? Does it seek to solve an important and urgent problem? Will the proposed solution significantly improve the condition of the target beneficiaries and result in broad public benefit?
  • VERIFIABLE: Does the proposal present evidence that the solution has previously yielded practical and concrete results? Does the proposed solution rely on existing methodology, technology, and/or provable science?
  • FEASIBLE: Does the team have the skills, capacity, and experience to deliver the proposed solution? Do the budget and project plan align with a realistic understanding of the costs and tasks to implement the proposed solution?
  • DURABLE: Does the team propose a solution that has staying power? Is there a plan in place to support the resolution of the problem, including any need for ongoing support, if necessary?

Please note that MacArthur does not allow team members to be on more than one application. Therefore we recommend that applicants be extra vigilant in checking this with named team members.

Internal submissions are due August 1, 2016 via the UCI Review system. Please include:

  • Executive Summary (your elevator pitch: 150 words)
  • Problem statement (what the problem is: 250 words)
  • Solution statement (what you will do to solve this problem: 250 words)
  • Description of team (include all team members, titles and institution and a sentence about previous experiences/successes with this problem)
  • Technology (how you will do it: 200 words)
  • Brief timeline (what results will be achieved in three to six years)
  • Budget estimate (including personnel, equipment, supplies, evaluation, 15% overhead)

The full letter of inquiry includes a 90-second video. UCI Foundation Relations will work with applicants to provide technical expertise as needed to complete the proposal.

Selected applicants will be notified prior to the program registration deadline of September 2, 2016. Proposals are due to the Foundation by October 3, 2016. Semi-finalists will be announced in December.

For more information about this opportunity, please viist Questions about our internal campus review process may be directed to Greg Ruth at or x4-0372.



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