CALL FOR PROPOSALS: NEA Art Works & Challenge America Grants

Dear all,
Apologies.  I just confirmed with NEA that UCI may submit one proposal this calendar year for ArtWorks (due Feb 15th) or Challenge America Grants.  Unfortunately this means that even though the latter has a deadline out in April, we will need to include applications for that competition in the internal review for ArtWorks.
Challenge America grants are lower dollar ($10K fixed), but also require a 1:1 match.  They are also “primarily” for small to mid-size organizations, so UCI applicants may be at a disadvantage out of the gate. This is being stated not to discourage, but to inform any interested applicants.
Please review the Program Description for Challenge America:  The internal procedure for applying is the same as below and the online application will be changed to reflect the two programs.
Thank you.
Greg Ruth
Office of Research

From: Office of Research
Sent: Monday, January 8, 2018 8:46:37 PM
To: Stephen Barker; Humanities Dean (UCI)
Cc:; ‘; Beth Riley; Amanda Swain; Michael Gallo; Megan K Macdonald

**Apologies for the short turnaround time on this.  We weren’t initially sure if the program was to continue given what is happening at the federal level.**

Art Works is the National Endowment for the Arts’ principal grants program. Through project-based funding, the program supports public engagement with, and access to, various forms of excellent art across the nation, the creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence, learning in the arts at all stages of life, and the integration of the arts into the fabric of community life. Projects may be large or small, existing or new, and may take place in any part of the nation’s 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. 
NEA encourage applications for artistically excellent projects that:
  • Celebrate America’s creativity and cultural heritage.
  • Invite a dialogue that fosters a mutual respect for the diverse beliefs and values of all persons and groups.
  • Enrich our humanity by broadening our understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a society.

Applicants submit their proposals in response to guidelines located under one of 15 disciplinary categories. Those categories, along with additional program information may be found here:

Art Works grants generally range from $10,000 to $100,000.  PLEASE NOTE: All NEA grants require a match of at least 1 to 1.  For example, if an organization receives a $10,000 grant, the total project costs must be at least $20,000 and the organization must provide at least $10,000 toward the project from nonfederal sources.

UCI may submit only one proposal by the February 15 NEA deadline, therefore, interested applicants are asked to submit a preliminary application to the Office of Research (via UCI Review) by January 21, 2018 with the following information:
  • Brief proposal (two page maximum)
  • Preliminary budget, including information on the source of the required 1:1 funding match.
  • Applicant’s CV
If multiple applications are received, the Office of Research will initiate and internal review process and select an applicant to move forward prior to the NEA’s deadline. Questions about our internal campus review process may be directed to Greg Ruth at or x4-0372.
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