CALL FOR PROPOSALS: 2018 American Diabetes Association – Pathway to Stop Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is inviting nominations for the Pathway to Stop Diabetes initiative, which supports innovative basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological, behavioral, or health services research relevant to any diabetes type, diabetes-related disease state, or diabetes complication. The Association seeks exceptional candidates from a broad range of disciplines, including medicine, biology, chemistry, computing, physics, mathematics and engineering.

Each institution is allowed a maximum of one nomination.  The nomination can be in one of the three available Pathway award types (please click on the hyperlinks for each program type’s detail):

  • Initiator – For researchers in postdoctoral training
  • Accelerator – For early-career diabetes investigators
  • Visionary – For established investigators, new to diabetes research

Pathway awards provide up to $1.625 million per award in combined salary and project support. The Association expects to support between four and six applicants from the 2018 award competition, with grants commencing in January 2018.

Since UCI may submit only one proposal across all 3 categories, interested applicants (or their nominator) are asked to submit a preliminary application to the Office of Research by May 7, 2018 at 11:59pm (via the UCI Review application portal), with the following information:

  • Clearly state which award type the applicant is applying for.
  • Brief proposal (up to three pages)
    • The proposal should outline the applicant’s research strategy as well as his/her capacity for innovation, creativity and collaboration. Please reference the ADA Pathway general review criteria, to ensure each component is adequately addressed.
  • Nominee’s Bio sketch (no more than two pages).

If necessary, an ad hoc committee will convene to review the preliminary proposals. If more than one application is submitted from any given school, the Dean may be asked to rank them in order to aid the review committee in their deliberations. The selected PI will be notified in time to develop their full application and meet the ADA nomination deadline of July 2, 2018.

For the complete nomination guidelines, please refer to the ADA Pathway nomination guidelines. Questions about our internal campus review process may be directed to Greg Ruth at or x4-0372.

**Please circulate this message where appropriate as not all eligible candidates are receiving this email (e.g. PostDocs are eligible for the “Initiator” awards).**

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